Personal Protection Services

Because preparedness is your best first line of defense!

The term Executive Protection (aka Close Personal Protection or bodyguarding) refers to specific security measures and planning taken to ensure the safety of VIPs, dignitaries, politicians or other individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of employment, celebrity status, wealth, associations, affiliations or geographical location.

At PPS, we serve clients who need special security measures to protect them, their family and their assets. We serve political figures, athletes, celebrities, CEOs, business leaders, senior management, or any one else that needs additional security measures to ensure their personal security needs. We are able to go WHEREVER and WHENEVER you need us! We can fit into any setting and can be as low or high profile as you need us to be. Whether it be for business or pleasure, we are committed to ensuring you a safe, enjoyable experience.

Our specialists have been trained in state of the art surveillance and security techniques to provide a quality of service that is unparralelled in the industry. Some of our professional staff include former Law Enforcement and Military personnel who know how to do the job right... THE FIRST TIME!

Whether you are a small, medium or large business, or just an individual who needs personal protection, you can count on PPS to be there!

For more information, or for a quote for service, contact us at (407) 883-7931.