Personal Protection Services

Because preparedness is your best first line of defense!

Integrity, dependability and professionalism. These are the layers that form the solid foundation that we have built PPS upon. We know that in today's environment, trust and security are essential to maintaining the free trade and lifestyle that we as American's have grown to enjoy.

From simple armed/unarmed security posts, to protecting small businesses, large corporations, special events or residential communities, PPS has what it takes to protect your assets. At PPS every job is treated seriously, regardless of the size of the assignment.

When you want to ensure your business is secure from internal and external threats, or if you need to protect yourself, your family or your home, you don't need to look any further.


Contact PPS today at (407) 883-7931 to schedule a risk-free, no-obligation consultation and security audit of your home or business.